We roast coffee directly from 
women-owned coffee farms.
a portion of each sale goes 
to improving their lives.
"Enjoy Great Coffee and Support the Brave Efforts of Woman Owned Coffee Farmers"


  • Hi, I am Maureen Bartosh. I’ve been a coffee lover since high school, and I started my entrepreneurial career in my 20’s when I was given the opportunity to create a custom house blend for my restaurant.   
Soon after, my husband and I, with our 3 daughters, moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia to start a small café. It was important that we served the best coffee available so I studied and received certifications from the National Specialty Coffee Association. 

But Then...
As my coffee knowledge grew, I also learned about the struggles of women coffee farmers. In many coffee-growing countries, the men are taken to be soldiers and many of them are killed by genocide.  

I was outraged!
Strong, courageous women have to pick up the pieces and make their farms work on their own. When they take their goods to market, they are offered less money than the men selling coffee beans.  
Some are robbed on the way, and some are even beaten and raped.  
I had to do something!
That’s why I created Mo Brew. Mo Brew is an online and subscription-based coffee service with beans purchased from women-owned farms and roasted locally here in Fredericksburg, VA. A portion of each sale goes to fund grants for women-owned farms and to improve their health, education, and community.
How you 
can help
I invite you to join me on this mission. It’s easy! All you have to do is either purchase our coffee online or at our Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania 25 30 locations.

While you drink great tasting coffee, you will also be supporting some of the bravest women in the world! Thank you.

What Would It FeelLife to Make a Difference in These Women's Lives?
What if we told you, with us...
you can!
  • Great Tasting Coffee! 
  • Delivered to Your Door!
  •  Help give training and educational support to brave women coffee farmers!
  • ​Provide funds to improve the health and hygiene of the farmers and their children!
  • ​Support local woman-owned business. 
  • ​And again...great tasting coffee!
If our package does not fully satisfy we offer Money Back Guarantee!
We're so confident you'll love our package, as much as we do. In fact, for any reason you're not completely satisfied we'll issue a full refund. 
Mo Brew
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